4 Hot Tips to Use Pinterest to Plan your Wedding

#1 Search it – Goodbye Google, bye-bye Bing, hellooooo Pinterest. Let’s face it, ladies.

Planning a wedding is one big conglomeration of all the ideas you’ve had since you were five years old. Can I get an amen? And what little gal didn’t have a scrapbook, bulletin board, or make endless collages on Saturday afternoons? Since Pinterest is the virtual hub of all things inspiration, brides may as well utilize it as their search engine for the perfect ideas to make their dream wedding a reality. Because we’ve all wanted to say at some point, “Thanks, I found it on Pinterest!”

#2 Pin it – Say “good-bye” to that oversized wedding binder and save your money on the stacks of wedding magazines that end up collecting dust on the coffee table. Thanks to the social media gurus at Pinterest, brides can pin their little hearts out on chic, wedding-worthy ideas from flowers to honeymoon destinations. And thanks to the secret boards feature, brides can keep a few things to herself!

#3 Share it – It can be exhausting to clip all those pictures of gorgeous centerpieces out of magazines and hope they don’t get lost before the meeting with your florist. Use Pinterest to house all those ideas in one central location and share the board with your florist before the meeting. Bring your tablet, laptop, or use the mobile app on your smart phone and create a virtual workspace at the meeting. Voila, flowers at your fingertips!

#4 Organize it – Brides, we all know there are millions of tiny little details leading up to the big day. Yes, it is tons of fun planning one big party celebrating you and your love, but it takes lots of organization to pull it off without a hitch. Try creating special boards specifically dedicated to the before, during, and after.